Common Good 3# - Senses of belonging

Pilot during Sheffield Docfest

Summer 2022 we did a fist pilot of Senses of belonging at Sheff Docfest in Sheffield UK.

In this experience participants enter a temporary society called 'senses of belonging', in this location-based audio walk. 

Senses of belonging is an interactive audio experience by Nadja van der Weide about being yourself and taking your place.


Over the course of one day, artist Nadja van der Weide will run a series of interventions in Site Square. Using location-based audio, audience members will join an intimate interactive audio journey to listen, move, dance, watch and follow a series of instructions, exploring in unison the tension of the group versus the individual. 

Pilot during Oorzaken Amsterdam

our 2nd pilot took place at Oorzaken festival Amsterdam in 2023. read more in this article: